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With any new CRM initiative we at Premium believe that the final product needs to align with the organization’s business strategy. As a ‘team’ member, we will work with your staff to configure and customize your environment so that it best fits in with your overall strategy.  Here are some of the steps along that journey.

We can help you determine which product license – Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited, is best suited for your business.  The team will determine how you’re the operations of your departments and staff roles will work in the cloud as well as how your employees, customers, vendors and partners will interact in the cloud.  We will determine how, best to integrate your current data systems with and discover what is required to prepare your data to be imported into the environment.  The team will decide which current processes are addressed by the generic configuration of’s CRM suite and which will require custom application development.

We will also set realistic expectations on implementing – milestones, resources, and training requirements.