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Premium Technologies, Inc. Partner Information

Premium Technologies, Inc. is proud to be a Registered Consulting Partner of  As a consulting partner, we work with leading professional service firms of all sizes and offer a range of consulting expertise, including strategic business consulting, software implementation and integration, training and custom application development services.
Premium Technologies, Inc. has partnered with TransGlobal Consulting, LLC. to create an ‘outsourced’ solution for project tracking and reporting.  The methodology and automated solution would capture payroll and project ‘progress information’ via data transfer.  It would, then, generate and transmit up-to-date Management Dashboards, Earned Value, Gantt charts, Milestone charts, Summary charts and Resource Charts back to the client.  This process would save the client many man-hours and provide timely and accurate reports.

Premium Technologies, Inc. teamed up with Zwillinger Research to automate the process of analyzing data from qualitative marketing research laddering studies.  “Laddering” is a marketing research interview technique designed for uncovering consumer core values.  The interview process is a subjective one, often involving circular (non-linear) questioning to help respondents and the interviewer get underneath the surface to identify emotional and psychological motivation in addition to “practical” reasons for behavior. Because the data is subjective and not derived from a set order of questioning, the challenge of automating the results was to find a way to quantify the data.  This was done by scaling the responses. Premium continues to value our alliance with Zwillinger Research.

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