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Photo Line-Up

When detectives interview a witness to a crime, they often offer the witness a group of 6 pictures of individuals who match the description of the suspect.

Premium Technologies, Inc. with the assistance of various law enforcement officials and agencies conceptualized and developed the Photo-LineUp™ system.

The challenge was to provide a computer system which would allow the detective to enter a few key characteristics and provide a group of pictures (mug shots) of individuals with similar appearances. Often times, the detective has an individual (suspect) that he wants to appear in the 6 pack.

Premium designed and built the databases, screens and algorithms required to build Photo Lineups. When the detective entered key characteristics such as ethnicity, hairstyle and color, eye color, facial hair, complexion, the system would mine through the library and generate a 6 pack. 

This solution results in savings in Time and Money.
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