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An organization’s information assets are as valuable as its customers, employees, and partners.

Many times, departments have unique and specialized data solutions which need to integrate with a company’s ERP system. Often, companies need to synchronize and convert spreadsheets and databases from MS Excel and MS Access to a more robust relational database such as MS-SQL or ORACLE®.  

Rapid changes in business environment, the need for closer integration with business partners, mergers and acquisitions, and competitive forces have made it critical for business' to have reliable and timely data available for decision making.

We can customize your data management processes to help you:

  • Find data and information critical to making informed decisions
  • Spend more time analyzing rather than acquiring data
  • Obtain a single, centralized, repository of data for consistency of analysis, reports, charts and graphs
  • Retrieve, convert, store, catalog and scan data
  • Create a customized in-house record center

Our wide range of services account for every aspect of physical data management, including:

  • Consulting services
  • Inventory, cataloging and data entry
  • Data conversion and reformatting
  • Database management and digital integration
  • Data Warehouse design and development
  • Storage and warehouse services
  • Intranet/Internet access to your data

The most critical aspect of cloning existing files from Excel to a relational database such as MS-SQL or Oracle is in the analysis and design of the database and its tables.  Generally, importing the data from Excel files or even Access tables directly into MS-SQL or Oracle requires an understanding of how the data will be used and how to make it produce meaningful and accurate output; whether the output is a report, charts and graphs, or a website designed for an intranet or the internet.

Designing a database application requires careful consideration of the business environment's current situation as well as planning for future expansion in either the volume of data to be stored and retrieved, or the number of users accessing the database.

Our staff has the technical and business experience to work with you and your team to make your data 'work' and have your output be 'meaningful'.
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Data Integration