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Salesforce Implementation and Configuration

Your company is unique!  Although you have many commonalities with competitors and colleagues in your industry, your marketing, sales and service processes are ‘yours’.

We will configure your system to meld and enhance your processes.
We’ll guide you on how to avoid the traps and pitfalls of failed CRM implementations.
We will form a team of key players and stakeholders from your company.  From interviews with them, the team will form an understanding your business application requirements and evaluate how products and services can meet those requirements.

We will define the tasks and timeline for the configuration and implementation of in your company.  All stakeholders and responsible personnel will either be involved or have visibility of the progress of the implementation.  This helps assure post implementation ‘adoption’ of your new ‘technical’ environment and process.

Implementation generally includes:
* Business evaluation and system design
* Configure and customize for your company
* Data Import and migration from legacy systems.
        We can migrate your customer data from other applications and CRMs to
* Analytics (Reports & Dashboards)
* Consulting and training
* Development and Delivery of End-user Training

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