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Premium Technologies, Inc. builds Customized Asset Management Solution for UCLA Healthcare.

Premium Technologies, Inc. develops an Asset Management system for UCLA Healthcare Materials’ Management Department which would identify and track the transfer and acquisition of medical equipment for their new hospitals.

Premium Technologies, Inc.


Laguna Hills CA:  (949) 415-5650

Premium Technologies designed and developed Procure-IT™ - a customized software solution.

There were unique data tracking requirements and major challenges to the IT professional in this environment which could not be overcome or satisfied by an "off-the-shelf software package." The items had descriptions and characteristics unique to the health industry.

The computer software matched items from the existing hospital with equipment needs in the new hospitals.
Additionally, the system tracked purchasing, financial, vendor, acquisition, logistics, installation, scheduling and tracking information.
Although the system was designed for the UCLA Healthcare Materials’ Management department, the data became valuable to many other departments. The finance area now had visibility of past and future expenditures of medical equipment. Logistics was able to identify vendors and notify them of deliveries and warehousing. Each hospital department was able to identify the equipment that would be migrating from the old hospital, as well as newly purchased equipment installed in their new facility. They also had clear visibility of the overall timing and scheduling of installation. Entities outside of the department could view extracts of the data. This helped them facilitate their operations.

Procure-IT™ is based on standard, open technologies such as MS-SQL Server, Oracle and PL/SQL; it is exceptionally easy to integrate with other in-house and external systems. It is technically easy to keep other systems in sync with various data changes.

IT professionals know how difficult it is to use a single package system to meet the broad-based needs of everyone in an organization with the same level of performance and ease of use. It is virtually impossible for a software package to present and mine such unique data providing the same flexibility, openness and integration with other technologies.

Keeping Procure-IT™ open and making it easy to 'plug and play' gives maximum flexibility for both interaction with legacy applications and assurance that the system can continue to grow as requirements change. 

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