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YMCA Services

Premium Technologies, Inc. builds Customized Asset and Risk Management System for National YMCA.

YMCA Services Corporation provides Risk Management for member YMCA's throughout the nation. Part of the challenge for YMCA Services was to conduct site inspections for Risk Assessments. Much of this interaction involved the transference of publications, bulletins and 'alerts'.

Premium Technologies, Inc. joined forces with the risk manager of YMCA Services Corporation to develop an online interactive website transfer risk information between the member YMCA's and the Corporate office. The Challenge was to build the information of the forms and surveys into the website, and make them 'interactive' so that the local managers could 'fill them out' and notify the corporate office of their completion.

Premium designed and built the databases, website and algorithms required to process the Y's risk management information. The main data tables were patterned after the required forms and surveys. The website was interactive, and allowed the managers to convey information back to corporate in real-time. They were also allowed to view critical alerts and bulletins in a timely manner.
This system allowed the company to convey information to and from their branches in a streamlined process.

Additionally, the use of this system would minimize much of the paper shuffling. More importantly, it would help minimize the travel to and from the sites. In short, it would help expedite and tighten-up the risk management process.
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